Parenting Support

Parenting Support

Does it feel overwhelming and exhausting to be a parent? Do you sometimes lose control with your children or feel intimated by your children? Do you ever discipline your children in ways you regret? Are you out of ideas on how to help your child thrive?  Then reaching out for parenting support may be beneficial to you.

Getting parenting support does not mean that you are failing or inadequate in your parenting. Parenting can be gratifying and joyful, but it is also full of challenges, overwhelming and exhausting. While it can be hard to ask for help, often times parents need a nonjudgemental listening ear, a little extra support, a new perspective or an additional parenting technique to reduce tension in the parent/child relationship or help a child through a challenge.

Regardless of the parenting stage you are in – pregnancy, infancy, early childhood, school age, adolescent, young adult and adult years – here are some of the issues and concerns I may be able to help you with:

–  Fears of making a mistake or not being the parent your children need
–  Fostering a caring and loving environment to help your child be more resilient and reach his/her potential mentally, emotionally, socially or academically
– Teaching positive discipline techniques including setting age appropriate boundaries, responsibilities and support while also nurturing your child
– Providing additional support to the parent whose child struggles with any of the following: discipline/behavior problems, anger, academic stressors or achievement concerns, identity, mental health disorders, and drug and alcohol addiction.
– Getting aligned with your spouse or partner
– Taking care of your needs while also taking care of  your child(ren)

I work within the values and culture of a family to help the parents enhance their parenting skills and techniques. I assist parents to grow in their methods of managing their own triggers while also being affirmative, loving parents who can provide their children with the limits and support they need.

If you and/or your partner could use parenting support, please reach out to me today for an initial consultation or appointment by calling 908-333-1033.