I am able to help my clients with a wide array of presenting problems, life struggles and mental health concerns.  I offer a collaborative approach in a supportive environment, where I utilize both my experience in the mental health field and my clients’ knowledge of themselves to help them get what they need out of therapy.  While there can never be any promises or guarantees, people can achieve amazing results with some hard work and quality therapy.

Treatment specialization includes:

Other areas of expertise

I have also worked extensively with a wide range of emotional, behavioral and mental health concerns including:

  • Therapy for Depression and Anxiety at all levels of severity
  • Addiction & Recovery both for the person with the addiction and their loved ones
  • Self Advocacy, Assertiveness and Empowerment
  • Anger Management
  • Self-Esteem
  • Stress Management
  • Self Care and Healthy Life Coping Skills
  • Couples Counseling
  • Family Counseling
  • Life Transitions for individuals and families
  • Grief Counseling
  • Work and Career issues
  • Conflict Resolution at home, school, the work place and other organizations

For more information about the services listed above and how I can help you, please give me at call at 908-333-1033.